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7 Myths About Social Security

The number of myths about Social Security abound. Some of the myths seem logical and some do not. Here’s an article that puts seven of those myths to bed.

Retirement Without a Plan

The article below describes how most Americans don’t have a plan for their retirement income.  Over the years, I have observed this to be true.  No one that I’ve met plans to fail, but most certainly fail to plan. Why set a plan for retirement income?  Isn’t it OK to put the Social Security check […]

Need Income?

Suppose that you are around 65 and ready to retire, or thinking about retiring. You have accumulated a large nest egg through your 401(k), IRAs, and after-tax investments. You’ve been saving for many, many years and now you are in need of $50,000 per year of income in addition to the amount you will receive from […]