Planning. Investing. Retirement.

Our team of financial advisors and insurance professionals can help manage your investments, find tax savings, plan your estate, leave a legacy for your family and create a sustainable retirement income. We specialize in financial planning and retirement strategies for pre-retirees or people who are recently retired. If you plan to retire within the next 10 years or if you’ve recently transitioned into retirement, we want to help.

Let us help you make your money last. Here’s how we can help you and your family get ready for and enjoy your retirement years:

Investment Management

There are a lot of investment options in the market. From stock and bonds, to mutual funds and ETFs, it’s very easy for an investor to become overwhelmed with all the choices. One of the most common questions we get from clients is, how do I find the best investments?

Knowing which asset classes and sectors are best for you based on your risk tolerance and portfolio diversification can make a significant difference. We take a tactical approach to retirement planning and investment management, utilizing relative strength analysis and risk management to provide guidance for your investment portfolio and retirement accounts.

Retirement Savings

Our retirement savings services will help you invest wisely and manage your retirement accounts to maximize the benefits during your after-working years. This includes investment management within your 401(k) and rollovers to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Employer 401(k) retirement plans usually offer several investment options for employees to choose from. But which investment is right for you? We help manage the investments within your retirement savings accounts during your working years. This is important because when you retire, you want your savings to be there. If it’s appropriate and best for your situation, we’ll roll over your accumulated investments into suitable long-term investments, so your savings become your income.   

Retirement Income Planning

When planning your income during retirement, we focus on strategies to make sure your money lives as long as you do. Creating a lasting, consistent income is essential in mapping a retirement plan that will be both meaningful and enduring for many years to come.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, a 65 year old couple has a 68% chance that at least one member of the couple will live until age 85 and a 42% chance that at least one will live until age 90. We want to help ensure your money doesn’t run out. Let us help you turn your savings into a sustainable regular monthly income.

Estate Planning and Legacies

Do you want a large portion of your retirement savings (such as a ROTH, IRA or 401k) to go to the government, instead of your beneficiaries? We don’t think so. Creating an estate plan will help leave a financial legacy to your loved ones. We’ll help move your money to your designated beneficiaries after you’re gone.

Did you know: Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are not taxed when passed to a spouse, but when passed to other beneficiaries such as children or grandchildren, they may be subject to income taxes. This can quickly push a beneficiary into an upper tax bracket, creating a big tax bill to owe the government.

​We can help make sure this doesn’t happen with estate planning. Recent changes to  tax laws significantly changes the IRA inheritance rules for non-spouse beneficiaries. In order for this to become a valuable legacy for your loved ones, the IRA must be set up and transferred properly. Let us do the work so you can rest assured, your money is being left to your beneficiaries and your legacy lives on.

Life Insurance and Estates

Life insurance can be used as a financial planning tool to accomplish different estate planning objectives. This includes protecting your family, leaving a legacy and charitable giving.

Protecting your family

If you’re raising a family, life insurance can be a way to create a sum of money for your spouse and children if you pass away. It is commonly used to replace the income lost to the family.  Having enough life insurance to pay off debt, as well as provide money for the education of your children can be of great value. 

Creating a legacy

If you’re retired and have income that you do not need for living expenses, life insurance can be a way to create a larger legacy for your loved ones. We can help maximize your financial legacy by using your excess monthly income to pay the premiums on a life insurance policy. A lump sum life insurance payout creates an income tax free benefit for your beneficiaries or favorite charity.

Charitable giving

Because of the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, it is estimated that as many as 90% of taxpayers may not itemize their deductions, and instead will use the Standard Deduction.  However, it is still possible to capture some level of tax benefit using various tax planning strategies such as:

  1. Donor-Advised Funds
  2. Bunching charitable contributions
  3. Donating publicly traded stock
  4. Donating Real Estate before a sale
  5. Donating privately held stock before a company sale
  6. Qualified Distributions (QCD’s) from IRA’s