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Social Security Trust Funds Gain $3 Billion

Once a year the Social Security Trustees report to Congress on the status of the Social Security system. They reported that the Trust funds gained $3 Billion in 2018. The net effect of that gain is that the combined asset reserves of the Social Security system is now projected to become depleted one year later […]

10 Retirement Lessons

I like to learn from others. Why not? Why repeat mistakes that can be avoided? The author of this article does a good job of pointing out things he has experienced and noticed since he retired. I think his points #1, 5, and 6 in the link below are most important to consider and deal […]

Mental Preparation for Retirement

Retirement brings on a significant change of life. Schedules change. Routines change. Responsibilities change. As a result, we can feel a lack of purpose and loss of daily contact with those with whom we worked. Add to all those changes, a significantly increased amount of time with your spouse. The linked article below offers some […]

Whoa! Not So Fast on those College Tuition Increases

For anyone who has funded college costs, you know that the costs have soared for years. In fact, over the past 30 years, college tuition has risen a whopping 400%, with annual growth rates far exceeding the rate of inflation.It seems as though market forces have caused colleges to become more competitive in their pricing […]

Benefit from Future Tax Changes

As I wrote in my blog post on 11/22, there are two early-proposals afloat for cutting individual taxes. Here is an interesting excerpt from Barrons discussing how one might act now to benefit the most from these expected tax cuts. “Given the potential changes to income-tax rates, what should individuals be doing now? We’re recommending the […]

Presidential Predictor

Can the financial markets give a clue as to whether the incumbent or challenger has the better chance of winning a Presidential election? The answer is: probably! Financial blog Zero Hedge published a study this week that showed that market performance in the 3 months leading up to a Presidential Election has displayed “an uncanny […]

Rising Interest Rates May Hurt your 401(k)

Everyone is probably aware that we have historically low interest rates. The low rate environment affects not only what you pay for a new mortgage or car loan, but also affects the returns provided by bonds. Most 401(k) investors have a portion of their portfolio invested either in bonds, or target date funds which includes bonds […]

The Dynamics of Sudden Wealth

Many aspire to have wealth. But sudden wealth has positive as well as negative aspects. Here is an interesting article of the negative aspects of sudden wealth.